Terms and Conditions 
September  2018  
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              Clients agree before (or in the case of any changes during) the undertaking of consultancy
              work on their behalves that they understand and accept as appropriate the following points:

Initial undertaking includes:
    • Scope of consultancy works.
    • Programme for receipt of information from Client, builders etc. necessary to execute the consultancy work.
    • Realistic programme for delivery of information necessary for implementing legal/statutory      procedures (planning, building control, court proceedings etc.).
    • Initial global indicative fee estimate for services needed to complete the consultancy work.
    • Immediately on receipt of invoice.
    • Method to be BACS (Bankers' Automated Clearing Services) unless otherwise initially agreed.
Late payment:
    • Martin Croucher understands and will exercise his statutory right to claim interest and  compensation for debt recovery costs under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002 if he is not paid within a 30 day default period running from the date of the invoice.
Premature cessation of consultancy services:
    • Upon the termination of consultancy services for any reason prior to completion of the full scope of the work a pro-rata fee amount will be invoiced for the work done, whether or not completed at the time of termination.
Additional fees:
    • At the rate of £120/hour (no VAT) will be incurred for work resulting from inter alia
    • Late receipt of/changes in instructions.
    • Alterations requested or executed by builder.
    • Alterations in prior agreed programme.
    • Work additional to that in the initially agreed scope of works.
    • Payable/reimbursable in addition to the agreed fee including inter alia
    • Travelling costs including public transport, taxis (with Client’s prior agreement), private car.
    • Communications including telephone (via both land and mobile telephones) cost of calls at standard rates (including VAT) + 10%
    • Postage at Royal Mail rates + 10%
    • Document printing including cost of stationery, printing and photocopying.
    • Procurement and reproduction of published material, e.g. maps.
Related services:
    • Provided/ arranged to be undertaken by third parties, (e.g. soils investigations) for Clients:
    • Service to be paid for by Client directly to provider.
    • Arrangement fee: 20% of cost (including VAT) of service.
Intellectual Property rights:
    • All Intellectual Property in designs, calculations, drawings, plans, specifications, software and    any other documents or materials in any medium which have been created and/or developed by Martin Croucher in relation to any project remain vested with him, as does the copyright.
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